Season begins for real Friday night at home against Pleasant Hill

There were no winners or losers Friday night during the three-team Jamboree at Odessa High School.
Although the teams may remember how many touchdowns they scored or gave up, what matters the most is coming away healthy for the first real game this coming Friday night at home against the Pleasant Hill Roosters.
Boonville Pirates football coach Greg Hough said his favorite thing about the Jamboree is that his team is leaving healthy.
“That is the most important thing at this point,” Hough said. “Offensively, I thought we were able to do a lot of things. We scripted our first 10 plays against both Odessa and Richmond, so it didn’t matter what down and distance it was. But I felt like we were always in plus situations.”
While facing what many feel will be the team to beat in the district this fall in the Odessa Bulldogs, Hough said he thought his team responded after the first couple of plays.
Starting with the football from their own 35, the Pirates opened the Jamboree against Odessa with four positive plays with runs of 5 and 4 yards, a 7 yard pass and another run for 2 yards. Meanwhile, on the Bulldogs first possession from their own 35, they opened the scrimmage with a big pick up of 10 yards but then had a sack and back to back completions for 5 and 10 yards.
Neither team found the end zone for the first eight plays from the 35. However, on the next possession from the opponents 40, Boonville again had three positive plays before turning the ball over to the JV team.
The Bulldogs continued to play their varsity team against Boonville’s JV team and as expected found the end zone after three plays of 5, 12 and 18 yards. Meanwhile, on the fourth  play of the drive, Odessa scored the first of two touchdowns on a 5-yard run up the middle.
Then, after switching again with the ball resting on the opponents 20, Boonville’s JV again struggled to move the ball against Odessa’s varsity.
The Bulldogs scored their second touchdown on a 3-yard run, which was set up after a 17 yard pass from the opponents 20.
“Odessa is a very, very good team and very, very physical,” Hough said. “There is a lot of talk about them being contenders and you see the physicality that they play with. It’s apparent but I thought our kids answered the ball against them. The first one or two plays it was like holy cow, let’s buckle these chin straps up, let’s rock and roll and I thought our kids responded. I thought our kids responded well all night. I thought our second set of offensive plays against Richmond was better than our first set, so it’s a positive night.”
In the second scrimmage against Richmond, the Pirates found the end zone on three occasions-two coming on the first possession from their own 40. After runs of 9 and 20 yards on the first-two plays, Boonville senior running back Landon Weaver hit paydirt on a 38 yard burst up the middle on the fifth play of the drive. Then, after three more successful run plays of 10, 10 and 5 yards, junior Tramell Coleman found the end zone on a 35 yard pass.
The defense also came to play against Richmond with three plays for no gains and two interceptions on the Spartans first series.
Meanwhile, on the second series, sophomore running back Andrew Wiser out-ran the Spartans entire secondary for a 60 yard run for a touchdown.
Richmond again struggled offensively on their second series with only one positive run. The rest consisted of three incomplete passes, one sack, one bad snap and no gain.
Hough said a lot of coaches talk about goals offensively. He said his goal is to get 4 yards every single play.
“If you get 4 yards on first down, 4 yards on second down and 4 yards on third down, that’s a first down so we want to move the football,” Hough said. “We have the capability to be a big play team, but at the same time we have to clean up our inside run game. Again, I use this as an opportunity to try to get a lot of kids on film and figure out what we need to do and clean up on to be successful in Week 1, Week 2 and etc.”