With Boonville set to join the Tri-County Conference for the 2018-19 school year, it comes as no surprise that the conference has a long standing of schools since its existence in 1932.
The founding members were California, Eldon, Tipton and Versailles.
Eldon Sports Editor Tom Collins said the original members just for football, which originated back in 1959, were California, Camdenton, Eldon, Osage, Tipton and Versailles. Collins said Blair Oaks joined the TCC in 1976, followed by Warsaw in 1984. Camdenton and Tipton then left the conference in 1992 and 1999, respectively.
Soon after, Hallsville and Southern Boone of Ashland both came into the mix in 2012 with Boonville to follow six years later.
Although Boonville’s stay in the North Central Missouri Conference lasted only 10 years from 2007-2018, the Pirates had previously competed in the Missouri River Valley Conference for 36 seasons with Odessa, Oak Grove, Lexington, Richmond, Higginsville, Carrollton and Knob Noster. However, when the MRVC decided to split into two division, Boonville joined the NCMC along with Hannibal, Moberly, Mexico, Fulton, Marshall and Kirksville.
Boonville’s move to the Tri-County was also based on enrollment and travel. In the MRVC before the split, Boonville was the third largest school but then after moving to the NCMC became the smallest school with an enrollment barely over 500.
Hannibal was the largest school in the NCMC at 1,024, followed by Marshall at 818, Kirksville at 756, Moberly at 735, Mexico at 675 and Fulton at 655. Meanwhile, in the Tri-County Conference based on figures from 2016, Boonville will be the third largest school behind only Eldon at 605 and Osage at 551. Southern Boone’s enrollment in 2016 was 501, followed by Blair Oaks at 430, California at 415 and Versailles at 384.
As far as travel, Boonville’s furthest drive will be Osage at 69.9 milles, followed by Blair Oaks at 63.7 miles, Eldon at 57.4, Versailles at 42.6, Southern Boone at 40.8, Hallsville at 38.4 and California at 30.
Needless to say, Boonville will have to adjust to the new conference, especially in soccer and tennis. At the current time, Boonville, Osage and Southern Boone are the only schools in the Tri-County Conference with soccer while Boonville and Osage sport the only tennis teams.
Of course that doesn’t mean the Tri-County Conference is without an array of extracurricular activities, as they offer baseball, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls cross-country, boys and girls track, boys and girls golf, football, softball, volleyball, wrestling, cheer, dance, music, scholar bowl, bass fishing, speech and debate and target shooting.
Osage currently competes in 23 sports (as of 2016), followed by Boonville with 22, Southern Boone 21, Eldon 18, Versailles 17, Blair Oaks and California 16 and Hallsville with 15.
The Tri-County Conference is also different than the NCMC in that football, boys and girls basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball champions are determined by league play. However, in track and golf, the tournament champion wins the title.
The Tri-County Conference also plays each school just one time during the season while in the NCMC the schools play each other twice in basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball and softball.
The following are standings in each division during the fall, winter and spring:
Blair Oaks, 7-0, Eldon, 6-1, Osage 4-3, Southern Boone 4-3, Hallsville 3-4, Warsaw 2-5, Versailles 1-6, California 1-6.
Osage 31, Versailles 47, Blair Oaks 50, Hallsville 116, California 120.
Southern Boone, Versailles, Warsaw did not have enough runners for team score.
California 51, Osage 64, Blair Oaks 92, Eldon 95, Southern Boone 111, Warsaw 149, Versailles 150 and Hallsville 209
Blair Oaks 7-0, California 6-1, Osage 5-2, Eldon 4-3, Warsaw 2-5, Versailles 1-6, Hallsville 1-6
Blair Oaks 7-0, Southern Boone 6-1, Warsaw 5-2, Osage 4-3, California 3-4, Eldon 2-5, Hallsville 1-6, Versailles 0-7
Boys Basketball
Blair Oaks 7-0, Southern Boone 6-1, Hallsville 5-2, Osage 4-3, Versailles 3-4, California 2-5, Warsaw 1-6, Eldon 0-7
Girls Basketball
California 7-0, Blair Oaks 6-1, Osage 5-2, Southern Boone 4-3, Hallsville 3-4, Eldon 2-5, Warsaw 1-6, Versailles 0-7
Blair Oaks 6-1, Hallsville 6-1, Southern Boone 6-1, Eldon 4-3, California 3-4, Osage 2-5, Warsaw 1-6, Versailles 0-7
Track and Field
Versailles 137.5, Osage 113, Eldon 98, Blair Oaks 95, Southern Boone 94.5, California 86, Hallsville 59, Warsaw 55
Eldon 171, Blair Oaks 129.5, Osage 119, Versailles 112.5, Southern Boone 84.5, California 45.5, Hallsville 39, Warsaw 35
Boys Golf
(Based on conference tournament)
Osage 334, Eldon 365, California 366, Blair Oaks 371, Versailles 439, Southern Boone 450, Warsaw 521, Hallsville no score