Boonville Pirates tennis coach Stephanie Green said the Warrensburg JV Tournament is always a good chance for the younger players to get experience.
On Friday, the Pirates learned just how true that was while competing against a field of three other teams (Warrensburg, Nevada and Raymore Peculiar) in a doubles format.
“This is always good experience for our players,” stated Green. “Playing four matches each definitely helped them improve through the day. It also gave us areas of their play to target to work on.”
At No. 1 JV doubles, the team of Will Rehagen and Andrew Pefferman finished 0-3 in the tournament but could have easily been 2-1 while losing to Warrensburg and Nevada by the same identical scores of 6-4. Rehagen and Pefferman also lose to Ray-Pec 6-2.
“Will and Andrew played some really tight and good matches and had the potential to win all of them,” Green said. “When they were communicating and playing together they were winning.”
The No. 2 JV doubles team of Landon Weaver and Lucas Ziegelbein also could have easily finished 2-1 instead of 1-2 in the tournament. While beating Nevada 6-3 in the first match, the duo fell in the next-two matches against Ray-Pec 6-1 and Warrensburg 6-4.
“Landon and Lucas definitely played better with more consistency throughout the day,” Green said. “They covered the court well and made much better strategy decisions throughout the day.”
The No. 3 doubles team of Aaron Witting and Dalton Pannell also got better with each match. Like Weaver and Ziegelbein, Witting and Pannell finished 1-2 in the tournament by beating Nevada 6-4 and losing to Ray-Pec 6-1 and Warrensburg 7-5.
“They were more aggressive at the net and worked to place their shots despite the heavy winds,” Green said.
At No. 4 JV doubles, the team of Andrew Matteson and Austin Rooks finished 0-3 by losing to Warrensburg’s No. 1 team 6-0, Ray-Pec 6-0 and Warrensburg’s No. 2 team 6-4.
Green said Matteson played with one of Warrensburg’s players and after they got used to playing together, they had some excellent points. “Matteson’s game has grown so much this season, he’s really worked to be more consistent and learn the game,” Green said.
As for the No. 5 JV doubles team of Carter Widel and Nick Weixeldorfer, the duo finished 0-3 with two 6-2 losses against Ray-Pec No. 1 and 2 and a 6-1 loss against Warrensburg.
Green said Widel/Weixeldorfer gained a lot of experience and worked to play more together. “They were each hitting the ball more solidly and consistently and used the court to win points,” Green said.