New Franklin’s Clayton Wilmsmeyer and Carly Dorson made the most of their final race of the season on Monday during the Mexico Middle School Cross-Country Meet.
With 71 girls participating in the girls meet, Dorson finished 25th overall in a time of 12:33.75 while Hermione Pierce placed 29th in a time of 12:50.03.
As for the New Franklin boys, which competed against a total of 92 runners, Clayton Wilmsmeyer finished 21st overall in 10:43.33 while Keaton Eads took 26th in a time of 10:45.33.
New Franklin Middle School Coach Ryan Lyons said all of the runners wanted to medal in their last race, but the competition was the fiercest it’s been all season so they had to settle for something better than a medal: great improvement.
“I have tracked their times and the differences in the various courses we run through the season, and yesterday at Mexico was by far the best they’ve run as a group,” Lyons said. “I was especially proud of each of their strong finishes. For the past couple weeks we have been working on finishing strong; passing other runners in the final stretch instead of being passed. All of them finished strong, both in this race and in the final race of the season. Three of my four runners are seventh graders, so I hope they will return next season. I told each of them that next year medaling will be expected, chasing down first place will be our goal. As for my lone eighth grader, Hermione Pierce, she will have good success at the high school level. She is a tough kid and a fierce competitor.”