Prairie Home coach Dalton Armontrout said the best way to describe senior Shianne Rhorer is like a car with a great motor. When it sounds good you can’t stop it.
Rhorer was hard to stop this past season for the Lady Panthers while leading the team to its first ever state tournament in Class 1.
While just completing her fourth season for the Lady Panthers, Rhorer will leave with 2,257 career points along with 1,010 rebounds, 375 steals and 162 assists. Rhorer also scored in double figures in 29 out of 32 games and had her best game against Northwest of Hughesville, where she scored 37 points and pulled down 20 rebounds. She also scored 22 points and pulled down 20 rebounds against Community R-6. Rhorer scored 30 or more points on nine different occasions and score 30 or more points in four straight games. She had 17 double-doubles this season and one triple double against Tuscumbia, where she had 23 points, 20 rebounds and 11 steals.
“Where do I begin,” Armontrout said. “Shianne is the hardest working individual that I have been around. She has a great motor. I loved watching her play. We asked a lot out of Shianne and she did it and more. She averaged a double-double. She defended and rebounded. Not only does she bring it every night, but she brought it to practice every day. She demanded the best from her teammates. Once of the best athletes that I coaches, but also a great person. I am honored that I have got to coach someone like her. Most games she saw at least two people on her the entire time. I am very proud of her to receive this honor two years in a row.”
For the season, Rhorer led the Lady Panthers in a number of categories with 748 points for an average of 23.4 ppg along with 357 rebounds for 11.2 rpg and 148 steals for 4.6 spg. She also led the team in field goal shooting, hitting 323 of 541 shots for 60 percent.
Rhorer said she was pretty excited when she found out. “I was all-state last year so getting it my senior year was a goal of mine,” Rhorer said.
Rhorer also answered questions about her career at Prairie Home:
Q: What has been the highlight of your career as a team and individual?
A: The highlight of my career as an individual was beating the school record, ending up with over 2,000 points. As a team, going to the Final Four. Nobody thought we could make it, and we even doubted ourselves at times in the season, but we proved even ourselves wrong.
Q: If you can remember, what was your best game and explain to me why?
A: My personal best game was when I scored 47 points against Fayette my junior year.
Q: Who was the biggest influence on you playing basketball and why?
A: Adam Cantrell was the biggest influence on me playing basketball. I started in 6th grade because he made me and he was the 6th grade coach. i didnt want to play, but they only have 5. So if it weren't for him, i probably would have never even picked up a basketball.
Q: What did you like the most about playing basketball?
A: What I liked most about playing basketball was winning. I'm really competitive and there aren't very many feelings that feel better than winning.
Q: Who was the biggest rival for you and why?
A: From freshman- junior year Jamestown was always our schools biggest rival. but my senior year, i think that changed to Glasgow. since they beat us in sectionals my junior year, and they were in our district this year.
Q: What was the one thing you wanted to accomplish in high school basketball but didn’t?
A: Nothing.
Q: What are you going to miss the most about playing high school basketball?
A: What I'm going to miss most about high school basketball is coach, and our community. I'm so used to coach Armontrout's style of coaching and it works for me. Adjusting to a new coaching style is going to be tough, and sometimes i wish he could be my coach throughout college ball too. Community wise, I've gotten so used to seeing the same faces at every single basketball game since jr.high ball. our community is so supportive, and I'm really going to miss that.
Q: Did you have any pre-game rituals that you went through?
A: My pre game ritual was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before every game.
Q: What are your future plans in basketball and explain to me?
A: My future plans are to play basketball for Culver Stockton.