The Nov. 3 ballot is nearly finalized after the respective political parties in Missouri decided on who to nominate for general election races.

Gov. Mike Parson and Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway will square off in the race for governor. Parson receive 79% of the vote among the Republican candidates, while Galloway received 86% of the Democratic vote, ensuring they would be on the November ballot. Joining them on the ballot are Libertarian candidate Rik Combs and the Green Party’s Jerome Bauer.

Cooper County voted down Medicaid expansion in a nearly 2-to-1 vote. There were 2,752 ’No’ votes, or roughly 66% and 1,423 ’Yes’ votes, or 34%. A majority of Missouri voters, however, approved the measure, with counties with larger communities supporting the measure. It passed in Boone County, Green County, which is home to Springfield, and the counties of the St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan areas.

U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler was renominated by the Republican Party for the November ballot. She will face Democrat Lindsey Simmons, who ran unopposed. The Libertarian candidate seeking to unseat Hartzler is Steven K. Koonse.

Tim Taylor defeated Don Baragary, 1,795 votes to 1,103 in Cooper County, to clinch the Republican nomination for state representative in the 48th district. He will face off against Democrat Bill Betteidge in November.

"I'm at a loss for words now," Taylor wrote on Facebook after winning Tuesday night. "We visited every community in the district, knocking on doors and talking with as many people as we could."

He acknowledged his family and other supporters in his post.

"Each of you who contributed to my campaign financially should have received a personal card from me extending my thanks. I hope I didn't miss anyone," he wrote. "We are looking towards November now. It will prove to be a good race against a friend."

Betteridge ran unopposed in his race for the Democratic party nomination. Respective party candidates in races for the Missouri House in districts 47 and 50 also ran unopposed.

At the county level, Danny Larm unseated Western District Commissioner David Booker for the Republican nomination. He will face no opposition in November. Charlie Melkersman retained his seat as the Eastern District Commissioner as he faces no opposition, as well, in November.

Paula Sims was selected as the Republican nominee for Cooper County Public Administrator. She will face off in November against Democrat Wendy Wooldridge, who was unopposed in the primary, for the position.

"I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and support," Sims wrote on Facebook after securing the nomination.

SInce Wooldridge did not face opposition, she did not issue a victory message on Facebook. She did, however, encourage everyone to vote in a message posted Tuesday.

REPUBLICANGovernorRaleigh Ritter97 votes2.86%Mike Parson2,68679.14%Jim Neely2487.31%Saundra McDowell363 10.7%Lieutenant GovernorArnie C. AC Dienoff1364.2%Mike Kehoe2,48676.85%Aaron T. Wisdom1735.35%Mike Carter44013.6%Secretary of StateJay Ashcroft3,163100%State TreasurerScott Fitzpatrick3,104100%Attorney GeneralEric Schmitt3,098100%U.S. Rep. District 4Vicky Hartzler2,51074.97%Neal Gist83825.03%State Senator District 19Caleb Rowden3,090100%State Rep. District 47Chuck Basye109100%State Rep. District 48Don Baragary1,10338.06%Tim Taylor1,79561.94%State Rep. District 50Sara Walsh339100%Cooper County Western District CommissionerDavid Booker84944.36Danny Larm1,06555.64%Cooper County Eastern District CommissionerDawn Kuster64745.47%Charlie Melkersman77654.53%Cooper County SheriffChris Class3,134100%Cooper County AssessorChristy Linhart3,051100%Cooper County Public AdministratorPaula Sims1,20335.63%Laura V. Gramlich1.,05431.22%Earl E. Haller1,11933.15%Cooper County CoronerJames L. Hurt3,101100%Kelly Township CommitteemanBrian Kliethermes11353.55%Tim Shrout9846.45%Kelly Township CommitteewomanDanielle Kliethermes11455.07%Twilla Shrout9344.93%DEMOCRATICGovernorNicole Galloway61986.82%Jimmie Matthews334.63%Eric Morrison263.65%Antoin Johnson253.51%Robin John Daniel Van Quaethem101.4%Lietuenant GovernorAlissa Canady46067.95%Gregory A. Upchurch21732.05%Secretary of StateYinka Faleti650100%State TreasurerVicki Lorenz Englund657100%Attorney GeneralRich Finneran40061.44%Elad Gross25138.56%U.S. Rep. District 4Lindsey Simmons665100%State Senator District 19Judy Baker665100%State Rep. District 47Adrian Plank26100%State Rep. District 48Bill Betteridge585100%State Rep. District 50Kari L. Chesney57100%Cooper County Public AdministratorWendy L. Wooldridge671100%LIBERTARIANGovernorRik Combs18100%Lieutenant GovernorBill Slantz16100%Secretary of StateCarl Herman Freese16100%State TreasurerNick Kasoff16100%Attorney GeneralKevin C. Babcock16100%U.S. Rep. District 4Steven K. Koonse1058.82%Robert E. Smith741.18%GREEN PARTYGovernorJerome Howard Bauer1100%Lieutenant GovernorKelley Dragoo1100%Secretary of StatePaul Lehmann1100%State TreasurerJoseph Civettini1100%CONSTITUTION PARTYSecretary of StatePaul Venable2100%BALLOT QUESTIONSTipton R-6 No Tax Increase BondYES3056.6%NO2343.4%Blackwater R-2 tax levy increaseYES11855.66%NO9444.34%Village of Windsor sales tax collectionYES3344.59%NO4155.41%Missouri Amendment No. 2 (Medicaid expansion)YES1,42334.08%NO2,75265.92%