A man accused of child molestation was let out on bond Monday and his trial was pushed back from March to August.

A Boonville man charged with child molestation had his trial pushed back five months and was released from jail Monday on his own recognizance.

This marks the second time Robert Bosma, 72, has been let out of the Cooper County Jail since his bond was revoked in November for violating the judge’s orders of his bond condition. He was released on furlough for a doctor’s visit Dec. 31.

Bosma, the former news director of the KWRT radio station in Boonville, was indicted Oct. 11 on a charge of first-degree child molestation involving a child under 14 years old. His bond was initially set to $75,000, but he was released Nov. 8 on his own recognizance.

As part of his bond conditions, Bosma was placed on house arrest and was not allowed to have contact with children without supervision.

Within two days of his release, Bosma left his home to go to Walmart, the scene of the alleged crime leading to his charge, court documents state. He left his home five more times over the following week, including two more trips to Walmart, two trips to Boonville restaurants and a trip to a Columbia restaurant, the documents state.

His bond was revoked Nov. 21 and a warrant for his arrest was issued before he was taken into custody Nov. 25.

That day, Bosma appeared in court for a hearing where he was granted furlough for a doctor’s appointment Dec. 31 and jury trial was scheduled to begin March 4.

Bosma was again released from jail on his own recognizance after he appeared in court Monday morning for a pretrial conference, when his trial date was pushed back to Aug. 5.

The bond conditions are less strict, only stipulating that he have no contact with the alleged victim.

Cooper County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Phelps was unavailable for comment at press time.