Wendy Wooldridge and 50 supporters gathered Jan. 23 at Boonville Abstract and Title Co. for her announcement as a candidate for Cooper County public administrator.

A graduate of Boonville High School, Wooldridge also received her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Missouri. She returned to Boonville in 1997 to join her father, Paul’s, legal practice. She continued to practice with her father through 2005 until he died. She now practices law with her brother, Brad, in the same practice.

Wooldridge and Wooldridge assisted the Cooper County public administrator’s office with legal representation, according to a news release. The practice has assisted public administrators since at least Louis Topel, the release stated.

Wooldridge has completed legal work on 42 of 58 open estate cases as of Dec. 31. Since Wooldridge worked closely with the public administrator’s office, she sought advice from the legal ethics council and Missouri Ethics Commission about her planned candidacy. She will be able to continue to practice law during her campaign, according to the release.

“I am in a better position than any other candidate to take over the duties of Public Administrator, given my knowledge of the current individuals and estates and the responsibilities of the position,” Wooldridge stated in her remarks.

Former Public Administrator Stephanie Young will serve as Wooldridge’s campaign treasurer. She encouraged Wooldridge to run for the position, the release stated.