From the Boonville Weekly Observer, Jan. 13, 1855

Death of Crockett

The following is a graphic sketch of the last moments of a brave man:

Colonel Crockett, wounded and closely pursued by a number of the enemy, retreated into the church, felling them as they approached. He stationed himself in a niche, in the corner, determined to face the fee to to the last and sell his life dearly; with his rifle and a superabundance of side arms, he hewed and shot them down with the same awful certainty that was wont to characterize his indomitable spirit. His position rendered access to him utterly impossible, except by a direct and close approach in front; after some eight or ten of them were laid before him, a feeling of awe seemed to seize hold of the assailants. One of them who could speak a little broken English, probably preferring to have the signal honor of capturing so noble a specimen of American valor to present to his “dear master,” said to Crockett, “surrender senior.” A flash of the most sovereign scorn darted from the fiery eye, and as it pierced that of the enemy he seemed to be transfixed. In a voice of thunder Crokett answered, “surrender! No! I am an American…”

From the Randolph County Citizen, Jan. 17, 1856

The Sheriffalty

Mr. Editor: It may be thought premature by many, at this early day, to suggest candidates for any of the various offices to be filled in Randolph COunty at the ensuring August election; but knowing full well that the claims of the individual I am about to set forth for the consideration of the voters, will gain ground the longer his name may be before them, and that his every act will bear the test of the strictest scrutiny, I can freely say that, in my humble opinion, Capt. Abraham Gooding, of Sugar Creek Township, will make as good a Sheriff as any other man in the County. His claims upon the people of the County are certainly equal, if not superior, to that of any other man. Capt. Gooding is an old pioneer of the County; he came here when it was comparatively a wilderness; has raised a large and respectable family; and has always borne a reputation of integrity and business capacity fully equal to all the duties devolving upon the Sheriff. Capt. Gooding is what now-a-days is termed an Old Line Whig, but I apprehend that should he be a candidate, very many of all political parties will rally warmly to his support. When an old tried veteran is brought before his fellow-citizens for an office which should be unconnected with politics, his old friends and neighbors cannot be held off from his support by political or party ties. It is not only my opinion, but that of many others with whom I have conversed, that should he desire that office, he could be elected more triumphantly than any man ever was in Randolph County. I do not know that he desires the office, never having heard him speak of it, but I only throw out these hints to the hope that his claims may be fully canvassed, and that he may be induced to offer himself for that important office. I confidently believe that Whits, Democrats and Americans, would rally to his support.



From the Mexico Weekly Ledger, Jan. 18, 1877

Small Farms

An agricultural paper says small farms make near neighbors; they make plenty of good schools and less labor is wanted; everything is kept nearer; less wages has to be paid for help; less time is wasted; more is raised to the acre; besides, it is tilled better, there is no watching hired help, the mind is not kept in a worry, and fret all the time, there’s not so much money to be paid out for agricultural implements, our wives and children have time to read — to improve their minds. … The work of a small farm is always pushed forward in season. Give us small farms for comfort, aye, and give us small farms for profit. The writer of this has had varied experiences this season, extending from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, undertaken chiefly in pursuit of agricultural knowledge, and he is quite sure that if more of our farmers would sell half of their land, and put the labor and capital spread over large on the smaller ones left, it would be a great move in the right direction.