Mike Wise, police chief of the New Franklin Police Department, announced via Facebook Wednesday that he plans to resign to take another job.

In his Facebook post, Wise mentioned some of the city’s financial struggles causing him to be the only full-time officer at the police department. He informed the New Franklin City Council of his decision Monday.

“During the January council meeting I informed the council I was offered a conditional offer of employment pending the background check,” Wise wrote. “Once this is complete I will be resigning my position as the New Franklin police chief.”

Wise wrote that many of the city’s financial issues stemmed from switching to rural water services. Since then, he wrote, the city has continuously lost money due to the volume of water leaks and repair costs for water lines.

The increased cost of repairing water lines has pulled funding from other areas, specifically employee health insurance and police department funding, Wise wrote.

“In January 2019 the city had no choice but to stop paying for employees insurance and benefits,” Wise wrote. “The city elected to give all employees 300 to apply towards their own personal insurance. This amount was not even a third of what private insurance cost.”

Eventually the police department’s budget could only support two full-time officers, including Wise. By last April, Wise was the only full-time officer employed by the department.

“We lost the full-time officer and with the financial crisis the city elected not to fill that position,” Wise wrote. “Thus it left me to patrol 24/7.”

Since then Wise has asked Howard County Sheriff Mike Neal to assist in patrolling the city. Neal was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

Despite the abrupt end to his tenure as police chief, Wise wrote about fond experiences he’s had while working for the city.

“During this time I have had the opportunity to hold school supply fundraisers for New Franklin children, gather support from organizations [and] to help families during holidays. … I have had the support from the city council and mayor past and present. I consider all of them friends.”

Wise and city officials were unavailable for comment at press time.