A Boonville man is facing several felony charges after police say he threw a brick at an ambulance and briefly escaped through the window of a police cruiser Monday night.

Matthew Lohman, 33, is charged with third-degree assault of a special victim, first-degree property damage and resisting arrest for a felony. He is being held in the Cooper County Jail with a $25,000 bond for the new charges, as well as $15,000 and $5,000 bonds for felony warrants out of Livingston County.

Officers responded to a medical call for an unresponsive man around 7 p.m. Monday, but Lohman and his family told emergency services that they didn’t want assistance and to leave the property, according to a probable cause statement from Boonville Police Cpl. Charles Lusby.

Lohman was “irate” and threatening to kill the families of law enforcement and emergency services, Lusby wrote. While they were leaving, Lusby saw Lohman pick up a brick and throw it at the ambulance, causing a large scratch and dent that will cost $1,000 to fix, Lusby wrote.

Lusby chased Lohman into the backyard, telling him he was under arrest. Lohman allegedly ran into the back door of the house, then out of the garage in the front, according to Lusby.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol and Cooper County Sheriff’s Department arrived to help search for him.

A short time later, Lusby saw Lohman run back into the house. Lusby told Lohman to get on the ground, and he took a few steps forward and dropped to his knees. A juvenile came out of the garage and yelled at Lusby, getting between the officer and Lohman. Lohman got up and started to move towards the door, and Lusby shocked him with his Taser, the officer wrote.

Another officer took Lohman to the hospital for evaluation. While he was inside getting a wheelchair, Lohman rolled down the rear window of the cruiser and escaped, according to Lusby.

Boonville Police Chief Bobby Welliver said Lohman was handcuffed with his hands behind his back. He slipped his cuffs under his feet and was able to roll down the window, Welliver said. The windows should have been locked and Welliver said he doesn’t know why they weren’t.

About 45 minutes later, Lusby saw Lohman running towards his house. Lusby yelled at Lohman to stop, but Lohman crawled under the deck and into a basement window, Lusby wrote. Lohman’s wife said officers could search the house, but that Lohman wasn’t there. Officers found him in the attic, buried in insulation with the handcuffs still on, Lusby wrote.

Lohman was already wanted on felony warrants from Livingston County for harassment and failure to appear in court.

In August in Chillicothe, he allegedly threatened to kill police officers and their families when he was in the hospital being treated for a seizure, according to a probable cause statement from Chillicothe Police Officer Jeremiah Grider. He was charged with felony harassment in that incident, and was charged with failure to appear in court after he missed a hearing for that charge.