The Boonville High School Silver Pirate Band will soon have a new look.

The Boonville R-1 School District is ordering 130 new uniforms from Brookfield-based Stanbury Uniforms for the band to replace its existing uniforms, of which 110 were bought in 2006 and 30 in 1989. At a price of $412.40 each, the district will share the $53,612 price tag with the Instrumental Music Department and the Band Boosters:

Instrumental Music will pay $17,000 out of its equipment budget

The district will pay $18,306

Band boosters will pay the remaining $18,306 from its current balance, a uniform fundraising drive and funds from the 2020 and 2021 pie auctions

All the costs will be spread over this year and next year. The band plans to kick off the fundraising drive Jan. 17 at the 25th Annual Pie Auction. They will order the uniforms soon, and expect to receive them in April. The district will pay the total cost and be reimbursed by the music department and boosters.

Band Director Kim Pirtle and Assistant Band Director Kyle Donnelly presented the new uniforms to the school board at its meeting Dec. 18. Superintendent Sarah Marriott said the district was moving forward with the purchase as a budget item, and didn’t need the board’s approval, though several members expressed support.

The cost up front is more than buying new athletic uniforms, but the band uniforms should last 10-15 years, Donnelly said. If they lasted 10 years, they would each cost $41 per year, and about $20 to the district, Pirtle said. The uniforms would be well taken care of so they would last as long as possible, they said. Board member Steve Litwiller joked that they should check to see if the uniform Marriott wore when she was in the Silver Pirate Band is still being used.

“I took really good care of it,” Marriott said.

The new uniforms will be much lighter and more breathable than the current uniform, which makes them better for hot events, and allows band members to layer on colder days, Pirtle said. Board member Sam Giroux said he saw the lighter uniforms as a safety issue, and remembered people passing out on hot days when he was in Marching Mizzou. There have been competitions where the Silver Pirate Band didn’t wear their uniforms because of the extreme heat, Pirtle said.

The new uniforms also have a new design, which Pirtle said they tried to update from the 2006 design, but still keep classic enough that it wouldn’t look dated in a few years. The new uniforms include taller hats, with a tall, feathered plume that stands straight up, replacing the silver tassles on the current hats.

“When you compare it to our current one, you’ll see it’s much taller,” Donnelly said. “You really can’t appreciate until you see a group of these, how tall they truly make you feel.”

The horizontal stripes across the front of the jacket are replaced with three, silver stripes, running diagonally from lower left to upper right of the jacket. The stripe going down the side of the pants, which was designed for previous marching formations that used more straight lines, is gone, Donnelly said. The cords running down the shoulders are gone, as well, bringing the cost of each uniform down by $50.