A Boonville High School class is hosting a painting event to raise money for an organization that helps young women in developing countries go to college.

Marjorie Brimer’s junior and senior humanities class picks two service projects: one for a local group and one for an international group, Brimer said. The class will host a painting event as a fundraiser for She’s the First on Dec. 10 at Boonville High School.

Jamie Schenck, a junior at Boonville High School, first heard about She’s the First when she saw its CEO speak at a leadership conference two years ago, she said. The aim of the program is to help women in developing countries become the first people in their families to attend college. She’s the First partners with local organizations in 11 countries to support girls to make sure they complete 12 years of education, according to its website.

“I think it’s important in developing countries to help break the cycle of poverty, because if they don't have a way to get an education, there's no way that these girls are going to be able to rise up out of the place that they are right now,” Schenck said.

Schenck researched the organization to make sure they were appropriately allocating donations. Convinced of their virtu, she suggested Brimer’s humanities class support She’s the First with one of its two service projects. At the suggestion of one of her students, Elijah Pinkett, the class visited Bristol Manor for their local project, and painted for and visited with the residents there.

After the first visit to Bristol Manor, the students made friends with the residents and asked to return, Brimer said. They went for a second visit Tuesday to play games with the residents. They’ll head back again to sing Christmas carols later on, Brimer said.

“They wanted to go every Friday, they just fell in love,” Brimer said.

Brimer owns The Easy Easel with her husband, which hosts painting classes for long groups. They’ll be providing the painting supplies and canvases for the painting fundraiser, and everything raised above those costs will go towards She’s the First, she said.

The students will play music, setting and cleaning up, help participants and serve refreshments, Brimer said. Participants will get an easel with a pre-stenciled snowman, and they can take it from there.

The event will start at 7 p.m. Dec. 10 in the Boonville High School Commons, and will last about an hour and a half, Brimer said. It’s open to all ages for $20, and people can register online at the Easy Easel website. The event will be limited to 65 painters, but they’ve considered holding a second event if that fills up, Brimer said.