Eighteen musicians from Boonville Silver Pirate Band auditioned and earned membership in the District Bands on Nov. 9.

More than 400 students from 40 high schools in the West Central District auditioned for membership in one of two West Central District Bands. Only 180 students were selected and recognized for their outstanding musicianship, including 18 from Boonville.

Special recognition and congratulations to senior Josh Derendinger for being selected as first chair trumpet in the West Central District Honor Band.

District Honor Band:

Josie Johnson, flute

Acacia Jiles, clarinet

Kate Schneringer, clarinet

Arji Webster, clarinet

Alexis Schnetzler, clarinet

Josh Derendinger, trumpet

Corwin Wiemholt, trumpet

Hayden Alley, horn

Trevor Firman, trombone

Jonah Hester, trombone

Koal Lauer, trombone

Chris Weisner, euphonium

Wyatt Shay, tuba

Honorable Mention Band:

Amanda Newbold, flute

Marina Firman, clarinet

Jordyn Williamson, clarinet

Jordan Birk, contrabass clarinet

Cameron Ray, percussion

Both bands will rehearse and perform in concert at the University of Central Missouri in January.