An inmate in the Boonville Correctional Center was charged last week with assaulting another inmate in September.

Anthony Gusoskey, 34, is charged with causing violence to another inmate. Investigators allege he assaulted another offender Sept. 16 at the Boonville prison. Causing violence to another inmate is a class B felony, carrying a possible sentence of five to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Adam Hayes, a Boonville inmate, was assaulted on the side of a housing unit and had to be taken to a hospital to treat fractures in his face, according to a probable cause statement from Department of Corrections Investigator Brian Armer. Staff did not see who committed the assault, Armer wrote.

Reviewing security footage, Armer saw Gusoskey walking in front of Hayes to the side of the building where the assault occurred, according to the statement. Gusoskey could be seen walking away with a white t-shirt over his head. He walked to his own housing unit, put the white shirt on his bed, put on a gray shirt, and went back outside, according to the probable cause statement.

Armer interviewed Gusoskey about the assault. Before Armer finished reading the inmate his rights, Gusoskey said, “The only thing I have to say is you have no proof it was me,” according to Armer. Other inmates said Gusoskey was the one who assaulted Hayes, but they did not want to be named in the report, Armer wrote.

Gusoskey is serving concurrent sentences of three and five years for two felony domestic assault convictions. He was transferred from the Boonville prison to the Jefferson City Correctional Center on Nov. 5, Department of Corrections spokesman Garry Brix stated in an email.

Hayes had been serving his 10 year sentence for first-degree assault at the Jefferson City prison until he was transferred to Boonville on Aug. 13, according to Brix. Boonville is a minimum security facility, and Jefferson City is a medium/maximum security facility, department spokeswoman Karen Pojmann said in an email, though she did not say specifically why either inmate was transferred, citing an ongoing criminal investigation.