The Cooper County Assessor’s Office is undergoing its field review of real estate for 2020. The Assessor’s Office would like to keep residents informed as to where the field technicians will be working on a weekly basis.

The techs will be working in the area of Wooldridge. There are several things that will help you identify the field techs:

The vehicle will have signs on the sides stating “Cooper County Assessor” The techs will have either a yellow vest or a t-shirt with “Assessor” on them They will have a name tag If we have to be on your property, we will always knock on your door. We would rather talk to the owner or renter to get info. If you are not home we will leave a door hanger. Some reviews can be done from a vehicle, and in this case we will not disturb you.

A dark blue 2007 Chevy Uplander, dark blue, which is a county vehicle. A silver 2007 Ford F150 with an extended cab, which is a personal vehicle, is also used.

The Assessor’s Office can be reached at 660-882-2646.