As you might of heard, these are new days for your local paper. We transitioned to two print days a week and put more of an emphasis on digital content, but we still want and need local letters to the editor for online publication and inclusion in the print editorial page. So, if you have a burning issue concerning your community that you’d like to publicly address, please send it in the form of a letter of about 500 to 600 words to or to your local reporter. Emailed letters are much preferred so we don’t have to retype and risk misreading someone’s handwriting.

Welcomed topics of discussion include politics, education, local events and other community projects in which area residents may

be interested. What do you think of how the city council or school board have performed in your town? Is there an infrastructural or some other issue that you’d like the local government to address? Has somebody in your community participated in an act of good for which you think they deserve some recognition? If so, please write us about it.

You also hopefully noticed that we’ve begun a “Shattered Ceilings” series highlighting women in positions of power in our mid-Missouri region. If there is a woman in your community serving a role of responsibility in a field that was once the sole realm of men, please let us know by sending over some basic information about what she does and how it impacts the community.

Our first edition in the series featured Mexico’s first black female mayor, Ayanna Shivers. We have more editions on the way honoring past and present public safety officials from Moberly and medical professionals in Boonville. We are really excited about this series and hope you are as well.

We are also accepting family recipe submissions for our new local food section. If there is a recipe that warms your heart and you’d like it to help bring joy to others in your area, please send us a list of ingredients, brief preparation and cooking description, and a photo of the dish. You can also email your recipes to your reporter and/or myself at my email address. This week’s cooking story on pumpkin smoothies comes from the St. Louis District Dairy Council, but I look forward to getting more localized submitted content in the near future.

And as always, please keep sending us information on recent births, engagement, class reunions and other local events for our community pages and website. We really appreciate being a part of you community and thank you for inviting us into your lives. Happy autumn!