The Sydenstricker Implement Co. regional footprint is growing after it announced Tuesday its plans to merge with Wm. Nobbe & Co. of Illinois. The two companies will be known as Sydenstricker-Nobbe Partners starting Jan. 6.

The merger will expand the companies' locations to 26 throughout Missouri and eastern Illinois.

"We have been friends with [Wm. Nobbe] just being a neighboring John Deere dealer for many years and we just explored the possibility of talking about some of their Missouri stores and they got the idea [merging], so that's kind of how it all happened," said Vice President of Marketing Lee Ann Sydenstricker.

Nothing will change for customers, she said. No employment changes are happening and the companies will offer the same services. All locations will remain the same as well.

"Hopefully for our customers we will be able to give them a better selection of inventory with equipment as well as parts because we can now pull from 26 locations," Sydenstricker said.

The only real change happening is to the company's logos and website as it transitions to the partnership.

Sydenstricker was was founded by Ralph Sydenstricker during January 1944 in Paris. Wm. Nobbe was founded by brothers William and Henry Nobbe in 1907. Both businesses are third- and fourth-generation family-run companies, respectively.

"It was a good fit for two family-owned businesses to come together and expand our footprint together. Our customers are getting bigger and some of their needs are getting bigger, so this will allow us to invest more in training and other things that can help our customers," Sydenstricker said.

Despite having more clients with large-scale farms, Sydenstricker will cater to hobby farmers and smaller farmers, she said.

"We do lots of large ag training for our customers, but with this we could probably expand it to smaller segments. One of our fastest growing segments is the small property owners, hobby farmers and doing more clinics for smaller ag products, not just for large farmers," Sydenstricker said.

The merger also will allow company employees more opportunities for career advancement due to increasing to 26 locations.

"Hopefully it will be a good experience for everyone, our employees and our customers," she said. "It was not John Deere's idea, it was our idea to bring two like-minded businesses together that have the same values and to expand our footprint and still making a positive impact on the community."

Corporate offices will be located in Mexico, Waterloo, Illinois and in the St. Louis-metro area. Ted Briscoe was named as CEO of Sydenstricker-Nobbe Partners. He named four divisions general managers to cover northern and southern Missouri, the St. Louis-metro area and eastern Illinois. They are Scott Brees, Kevin Cobb, Ben Poletti and Adam Bunting.

"It's just something our families wanted to do and we're excited about it," Sydenstricker said.

The companies are proud of their respective legacies and their commitment to customers, Tom Nobbe said a news release. The similar company values made it a natural step for the two companies to form a partnership, Eddie Sydenstricker said.

“Getting larger is critical to our ability to meet the needs of our customers, as they, too, are growing and getting more sophisticated in their support expectations,” Briscoe said in the release. “This scale will allow us to continue to invest in technology and services to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of our industry.”