The Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested a California woman when they found 34 pounds of marijuana in her car after stopping her for speeding Monday night on Interstate 70.

Leslie Rivera, 28, of Bakersfield, California, was booked in the Cooper County jail on suspicion of felony drug trafficking and released without bond, according to a highway patrol arrest report. Rivera was originally stopped for driving 75 mph, according to Highway Patrol Sgt. Scott White.

Troopers searched the car after a patrol dog indicated it could smell drugs from outside. The trooper called for the dog after seeing “indicators” of drug trafficking, but White couldn’t immediately explain the nature of those indicators. Rivera has not yet been formally charged with any crimes, so more detailed court records aren’t available.

Despite common perception that drivers have some leeway with the speed limit, White said troopers will stop drivers for driving 4 or 5 mph over the limit. They’ll often just give the driver a warning in those cases, but it’s up to the trooper’s discretion, he said.