The Cooper County Commission on Monday voluntarily rolled back they county’s general revenue property tax levy.

The allowable levy for 2019 was .4278 per $100 in valuation. After the mandatory rollback tied to sales tax was deducted, the adjusted levy would have been .2378. The Cooper County Commission chose to voluntarily reduce the levy by another 15 percent resulting in the final levy approved being .2021 per $100 valuation, according to a news release from the commission.

Presiding Commissioner Don Baragary said the rollback was possible because of sound business practices and cooperation between county officials to control spending and improve efficiency.

"Even though the county's portion of the final tax bill is small the commission decided it was time to pass this benefit on to the taxpayers," Baragary said in the news release.

Cooper County Clerk Sarah Herman said all taxing districts have to have their levies set by September 1, and that she would have them all available after that.