In Boonville and Blackwater, 15.6 percent of registered voters headed to the polls on Tuesday.

The vast majority of the 767 ballots cast came from Boonville. Five ballots were cast in Blackwater out of 122 registered voters living in the city limits.

In Blackwater’s uncontested April election for two city council seats, 10 voters cast ballots out of 119 registered voters.

Special elections in August are rare, so finding a comparison is difficult. The closest was a November election in 2013, when Boonville voters decided on annexing the Highway 87 corridor and raising the bed tax on hotel rooms from 4 to 5 percent.

That November 2013 ballot also included a Pilot Grove sewer question, and had a total 4,843 eligible, registered voters in the county. For Tuesday’s election, 4,921 people in the county were eligible and registered to vote.

In 2013, 13.9 percent of those registered voters made it to the polls, compared to 15.6 percent on Tuesday. This year’s special election was also higher than the 11.9 percent turnout in a countywide special election in November 2015.

The only other August special election in the past few years was the race between Sara Walsh and Michela Skelton for the 50th District of the Missouri House of Representatives in 2017. In that election, 30 percent of the 992 registered, eligible voters in Cooper County.