Buerky’s BBQ

Matt Buerky has already bought a second smoker after only a few weeks in business, because he keeps selling of food, he said.

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. until Buerky runs out of stock at 415 Main St., which has been happening pretty quickly, he said. With the second smoker, he hopes to stay open until 8 p.m.

Buerky smokes classic barbecue fare: pulled pork, brisket, ribs and smoked turkey and chicken alongside beans, macaroni and cheese, tots, coleslaw and potato salad. Buerky’s favorite is the turkey right now, because he’s been eating too much pulled pork. He prefers a good dry rub to a lot of sauce, which can cover up good barbecue, he said.

Buerky has been barbecuing since he got a smoker as a wedding gift 14 years ago. After a lot of trial and error, friends started asking him to make food for them. About a year ago, he started seriously considering opening a restaurant, which he opened in June.

Boonville Hardware and Dwight’s Heating & Cooling

Dwight Pumel has been operating Dwight’s Plumbing in Boonville for about two years, and he opened two new businesses in June: Boonville Hardware and Dwight’s Heating and Cooling at 1440 W. Ashley Rd..

Boonville Hardware is a full hardware store, including Sherwin-Williams stains and paints with color matching, rock and soil, and storage units, said manager Jim Platt.

The hardware store is meant to meet the needs of Boonville, which hasn’t had a local hardware store in over a year, Platt said. Customer service will set Boonville Hardware apart from big-box competitors, he said. The store has three full-time and three part-time employees, and they try to always have at least two in the store, he said.

The Heating and Cooling operation is an expansion of Dwight’s Plumbing. Manager David Dye, who has 30 years of experience in heating and cooling, joined Pumel in early June. Dye said he and Pumel want to offer competitive prices and good service.

“We’ll honor our prices and take care of our customers,” he said.

They work in Boonville and surrounding counties, and have taken jobs in Higbee, Tipton, Fayette and more so far, Dye said.

Grow Simple

Since Grow Simple opened in June at 2580 S. Main St., owners Andrew Hein and Brian Ignacio say there’s been some confusion over what the business offers.

Hein and Ignacio sell indoor gardening supplies, including soil, fertilizer and hydroponic equipment. The store’s shelves hold heat lamps and temperature regulating systems, anything you would need to grow plants inside.

Hydroponics can carry connotations of growing marijuana, but Hein and Ignacio aren’t running a dispensary or growing operation. So far, a lot of customers have been tomato growers, Hein said. Hein and Ignacio can help equip a garden for year-round growing or for growing specialty plants that require different climates.

People have asked if they’re behind plans to set up medical marijuana growing facilities in some of Boonville’s vacant industrial buildings. They’re not, but as one of few hydroponic equipment suppliers in Mid-Missouri, they hope they’ll be in a good spot to equip any growing operations that set up in the area.

“The guys who sold the shovels made the money during the gold rush,” he said.

Hein encouraged anyone who is curious about the store or indoor growing to stop by and check it out.

If you know of any other businesses opening in the area, reach Brendan Crowley at bcrowley@gatehousemedia.com.