Four people from Florida face felony drug delivery charges after a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper allegedly found 21 pounds of marijuana in a rented car after a traffic stop last week on Interstate 70 in Cooper County.

Anthony Noto, 21, of Northport, Florida, was stopped while driving a rented black, Dodge Charger, eastbound on I-70 around 11 a.m. on June 19, according to court documents. Highway Patrol Sgt. Steven Johnson stopped Noto near the 98 mile marker after watching him follow a car-hauling tractor trailer within a car length “for an extended period of time,” Johnson wrote in an affidavit.

Noto was driving with three other people in the car, all from Northport, Florida: Kimberly Gorrell, 23, Kevin McClain, 21, and Dylan White, 21. They acted nervous and gave conflicting reasons for why they were traveling, Johnson wrote. They had flown one way and rented an expensive vehicle — a Charger — for their return trip, Johnson wrote.

Noto denied Johnson consent to search the vehicle. Trooper Nathan Wallace soon arrived with his patrol dog that signaled there were drugs in the car, which gave Johnson probable cause to search the car, he wrote. Troopers found 21 pounds of marijuana in vacuum-sealed bags in the trunk. They also found $3,624. $3,300 in a plastic, ziplock bag, which Noto claimed, Johnson wrote. White possessed $300, and the rest of the cash was “littered throughout the Dodge,” Johnson wrote.

All four are charged with accessory to marijuana delivery, a class C felony that carries a three- to 10-year sentence if convicted. They were released from the Cooper County Detention Center after posting $20,000 bonds.