The Department of Corrections allegedly heard him planning with a woman on the outside over the prison phones.

A man incarcerated in the Boonville Correctional Center is now charged with trying to sell cocaine in the prison.

Raymond D. Haggard, 33, of St. Robert, allegedly conspired with a woman outside the prison to smuggle in cocaine to distribute in the prison last December.

The Department of Corrections heard Haggard talking to the woman over the prison phone, and heard that she was going to drop an egg-shaped package, wrapped in green duct tape, over the prison fence, according to a probable cause statement.

Staff found a package matching that description in the grass near the fence. There were 14 “dime size” bags inside, containing white powder, which tested positive for cocaine, according to the statement.

Haggard faces up to four years of additional prison time if convicted of the Class E felony of conspiracy to distribute drugs in a prison. He started a six-year prison sentence in September after having his probation revoked for a 2012 burglary conviction.

The woman who Haggard allegedly conspired with, Krystal Jordan, has not been charged, according to online court records. The affidavit gives no other information about Jordan aside from her name.