I am writing this to set the record straight about the article entitled “Say no to Elimination of County Health Ordinances” in the Mexico Ledger on April 10. It had to do with Senate Bill 391 concerning Concentrated Animal Feed Operations. CAFOs to our urban population.

CAFOs have been here for around a quarter century and I have heard of no epidemics or disease problems in all that time. Have you?

Things stated in this article are not the facts.

It was stated, and I quote, “your quality of life means nothing to the people who own the CAFOs because they do not live here.” WRONG. Most CAFOs are owned and operated by the local farmers who live nearby. If you need proof check at the Recorder of Deeds office in the Courthouse. Also, notice they are not foreign financed. Most CAFO owners are in an operating partnership with someone who supplies pigs, feed, trucking services and anything else needed. However, it is nowhere near 50 percent foreign owned as stated in the article, and I can prove this.

It states the CAFO industry doesn’t want any standards. This is not the truth. There is a comprehensive nutrient management plan based on soil testing and yield goals of various crops that is followed. The soil and hog waste (ORGANIC FERTILIZER) are tested for nutrient content. It then is injected INTO the soil at the rate to attain yield goals. NO RUN-OFF.

As to odor — all animal waste smells. To try to minimize it as much as possible — a lot of CAFO owners voluntarily purchase an additive to put in the pit which reduces odors. WE DO CARE.

Gary Windmann

Mexico, Mo.