A Columbia man arrested for the Feb. 10 fire at Planned Parenthood’s clinic on Providence Road used a bucket of gasoline and a Molotov cocktail to set the fire, the FBI stated in a news release announcing the arrest.

Wesley B. Kaster, 42, was charged in federal court with maliciously damaging a building owned by an organization that receives federal financial support. He was arrested Saturday and will appear Thursday before Magistrate Judge Willie Epps in a hearing in Jefferson City.

The news release suggests that the arson was politically motivated.

“Investigators searched social media accounts connected to Kaster,” it states. “On Oct. 25, 2015, a picture was posted to the Facebook page of Kaster’s wife depicting a handgun and the words, “Guns Don’t Kill People, Planned Parenthood Kills People.”

Planned Parenthood Great Plains, which operates the clinic, noted that while the fire caused no injuries, it did close the clinic for a week while repairs were made. The clinic has been fighting to regain its state license to provide abortions since abortions ended in October and late last month a federal judge turned down a request for an order for the state to license the clinic.

“We are grateful for law enforcement’s swift and serious response to this crime,” President and CEO Brandon Hill said in a prepared statement. “Let this send a clear message: Blocking access to essential health care is against the law, whether it takes the form of violence and vandalism or threats against our patients, our providers, or our supporters. With sexual and reproductive health care under attack in Missouri, our mission is more important than ever before. Health care is a human right, and we will not stop fighting for the rights of our patients. Our doors are open in Columbia, and we remain committed to serving this community.”

The FBI credits surveillance camera images and retail purchase records for identifying Kaster. The FBI joined the investigation at the request of the Columbia Police Department and posted a $10,000 reward for information about the fire.

The fire occurred in early morning hours of Feb. 10. When Columbia firefighters arrived about 4:05 a.m., they found two buckets inside a door that had been broken and a Molotov cocktail used to ignite the blaze. The building’s sprinkler system put out the fire before firefighters arrived.

Kaster visited the clinic twice that morning as he attempted to set the fire, the release stated. The first time, he parked his Toyota minivan at about 2:30 a.m. in the parking lot of the Central Missouri Community Action Agency just north of the clinic. The van was parked there about eight minutes before driving away.

A few minutes later, a man was seen walking empty-handed to the spot where the van had been parked, according to the affidavit from Special Agent Curtis Bryant filed with the charges. He was then seen carrying a heavy, white bucket. The man walked to the door of the Planned Parenthood clinic where he broke the door, placed the bucket inside and threw the Molotov cocktail in after it. He remained at the door for a time, watching inside the building.

When people approached the clinic on the Providence Road sidewalk, the affidavit states, the man at the door fled to the minivan and drove away. No smoke was visible.

About 4 a.m., the man returned, walked up to the broken door and then left. At that point, smoke is visible on the surveillance video, the affidavit states.

The investigation focused on the minivan, which was missing a hubcap, and two five-gallon buckets, one inside the other, found at the scene. There are 55 similar minivans in Columbia, one of which was registered to Kaster.

The investigation for recent purchases of plastic buckets found Kaster had bought one at Lowe’s on Feb. 8, paying cash. He is seen on surveillance video making the purchase and was observed in other stores in the shopping center.

“Surveillance videos related to that purchase, according to the affidavit, clearly captured Kaster’s face and physical features,” the news release stated.

The shopping center video shows Kaster driving the minivan without a hubcap, Bryant wrote. It also shows a pair of gloves hanging from his belt that are similar to a pair found at the clinic.

A search warrant at his home produced the receipt for the buckets, shavings that are consistent with the holes drilled into one of the buckets and hair from Kaster’s dog that are similar to those found in one of the buckets, the affidavit states.