Boonville Public Works crews used heavy equipment to load dump trucks up with snow, and piled it up in the Harley Park parking lot.

One storm has passed, but clean up continues as Boonville gets set for another potential snowstorm this weekend.

As the weekend’s snow started to thaw, big, wet globs slid off branches, lines and roofs, and plopped on the ground, nullifying the work of whoever had just shoveled that patch clear.

The City of Boonville was busy making its own pile of snow in the Harley Park parking lot on Tuesday. Crews were clearing piles left by earlier plowing, filling dump trucks with the frigid load. The dump trucks, some provided by Greis Trucking and Excavating, hauled the mounds over to Harley Park, where they’ll stand for a while.

It takes a long time for a pile that big to melt, Boonville Director of Public Works M.L. Cauthon said. That will mean less runoff as crews continue to clear snow out from stormwater inlets. The Missouri River crested at 12 feet, 5 inches in Boonville on Saturday night, 8 feet, 7 inches below its flood stage. It was down below 12 feet as of Tuesday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

Crews started running plows as snow started to fall around noon Friday. A new shift came in at 4 a.m. and worked well past sundown on Saturday. They were back at it Sunday morning and had everything partially cleared by Sunday afternoon, Cauthon said.

On Monday and Tuesday, crews were doing cleanup work, finishing up streets where they had plowed one lane or a center lane, and clearing off piles left behind. Cauthon said they’d be plowing the pile running like a ridge down Main Street early Wednesday morning, before most people are out driving.

Boonville should have enough salt to get through a potential snow storm forecasted for Saturday, Cauthon said, even after two bouts of snow and ice in late 2018. He said there’s about 600-700 tons of salt left, and he plans to order 500 more tons.

The main concern with the forecasted storm is the temperature, projected to get down near 10 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. The high on Sunday is projected to be 19 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Salt won’t work with temperatures that low, Cauthon said, but the plan is to get a good layer of salt down Friday afternoon and evening. That could be tricky, with rain expected much of the day Friday.

A mix of snow and rain could start around noon Friday. Rain is expected until late Friday night, when it will turn to snow, the weather service was projecting on Wednesday afternoon. The service was also projecting high winds for Saturday and Sunday.