A tractor-truck stolen in Kansas City was stopped Saturday night in Boonville after a 100-mile pursuit. A Missouri State Highway Patrol helicopter aided in the apprehension of the suspect. The driver has not yet been charged as of Wednesday morning, so a name and mugshot were not released.

The blue and silver tractor-truck was reported stolen approximately 8:41 p.m. to the Kansas City Police Department. It is unknown if the suspect driver had previous tractor-truck driving history, KCPD public information officer Lionel Colon wrote in an email.

The truck’s pursuit started at eastbound Interstate 70 from Manchester Trafficway in Kansas City. A trailer was not attached to the truck.

According to a KCPD report, two men were having an argument in the 2900 block of Lisa Lane in Kansas City when the suspect started waving a gun and threatening to shoot the other. The suspect then got into the tractor-truck where a muzzle flash was seen and a gunshot heard. The tractor-truck was then driven away by the suspect, according to the KCPD report.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department joined the pursuit once the vehicle was on I-70. The department requested MSHP involvement after the suspect vehicle passed into Lafayette County. Troopers entered the pursuit 9:20 p.m. according to a MSHP report.

Road spikes deployed by multiple agencies did not deter the driver, who was clocked driving 73 mph. MSHP Troop F coordinated communications once the vehicle entered Cooper County. The vehicle was finally disabled at the 106.6-mile maker in Boonville, where it caught on fire and the suspect fled on foot.

A patrol helicopter, which had joined the pursuit earlier, directed officers to the suspect after he ran into a barbed-wire fence and laid down north of I-70. After being placed in custody, the suspect was transported back to Kansas City. A small bag of methamphetamine was found on the suspect and seized.