Main Street in Boonville will soon get an upgrade after the Boonville City Council approved Monday a contract with Capital Paving and Construction LLC of Columbia to mill and lay a new overlay of that street.

The project is part of the Missouri Department of Transportation Surface Transportation Program. It is one of the last projects to receive funding, Boonville Director of Public Works M.L. Cauthon III said.

“This is an 80/20 funding project that uses STP for small urban money,” he said. “That program is going away as we know it today and this will effectively use up Boonville’s allocation for the STP money on the books.”

In 80/20 funding, the state pays for 80 percent of the project, while the city covers the remaining 20 percent.

Capital Paving was the only company to submit a bid for the project. According to the ordinance resolution, city staff found that the bid was within reason and followed purchasing code ordinances.

“After we opened bids, we talked to the other potential contractors, and they simply didn’t have the interest, the wherewithal to do the night work. Capital Paving, as I like to say, (milling and overlay) is their bread and butter,” Cauthon said, adding the company has paved Interstate 44, Interstate 70, Interstate 55 and they work at night.

STP funding is only used on certain streets within a community. Main streets are one of the possible designations of roadways available to use funding, Cauthon said. The milling and overlay will take place from Locust Street to Ashley Road.

The city was not willing to forego the night work requirement in the bid search language, Cauthon said. Even if he were to place the project out for bids again with the night work requirement removed, the bids would still end up coming down to Capital Paving, he said.

Boonville City Manager Irl Tessendorf asked Steven Field, the Capital Paving estimator, what he thought about the timeframe of the bid.

“To be honest, not good on timing,” Field said. “You got put out late in the year usually when schedules are getting full. … For us, from the asphalt standpoint, the weather is a big deterrent that we can’t control, but it’s a normal run-of-the-mill job.”

Even if Capital Paving cannot conduct the milling and overlay until 2019, it should not be a problem, Cauthon said.

“I double checked with MoDOT when we had concerns about the timing. Now that this project has been allocated, our money is good if we were forced to do it sometime early next year,” he said, adding the sunset on STP is late 2019 early 2020.

Tessendorf wondered if such a project would take approximately three days to complete.

“We could mill it and pave it in probably the same day,” Field said.

That makes things more encouraging, as long as there is good weather, Tessendorf said.

The council approved the measure 7-0. Council member Michael Stock was absent.

In other business:

Council members approved a resolution in support of Proposition D, which is the proposition on the Missouri ballot that would raise fuel taxes. According to the resolution, the tax would increase revenue by more than $124 million for Missouri’s roads and bridges. Boonville would see approximately $130,000 of that in increased revenue to maintain and improve its roadways.