The fun began in Bunceton on June 29 with a garden tractor, ATV, truck, and tractor pull held on the south part of the Bunceton City Park.

Saturday morning brought parents, grandparents, and babies to the school gymnasium for the baby contest. Selena Rhodes, daughter of Carie Schmidt and Devler Rhodes, won the 0-6 months girls division. In the same age group for the boys, Easton Clevenger, son of Jacob and Katlynn Clevenger, won first place.

Winning second place was Gatlen Poulsen, son of Jordan Poulsen and Jessica Wieland. For the girls 6-12 months, Bristol Lenz, daughter of Adam and Tiffany Lenz, received first. Cooper Hurt, son of Courtnea and Brett Hurt, won first in the boys group.

The one-year-old girls group was won by Hartley Brandes, daughter of Nathan and Mindy Brandes. Second place was awarded to Raelea Eaton, daughter of Christina Jenry and Matthew Eaton. There were not any one-year-old boys entered this year.

The two-year-old girls category was won by Gracelee Hein, daughter of Kyle and Caite Hein. Second place went to Finley Clevenger, daughter of Jacob and Katlynn Clevenger. For the two-year-old boys, first place went to Beau Benny, son of Jordan and Ashley Benny. Allistor Bishop, son of Makaela Bishop, won second place. The three-year-old girls contest was won by April Harrison, daughter of Taylor Hurt and Matthew Harrison. Second place went to Evelyn Arnold, daughter of Brian and Brenda Arnold. Overall winners of the babies were Bristol Lenz for the girls and Cooper Hurt for the boys.

The prince and princess contest was next. Alan Arnold, son of Brian and Brenda Arnold, had the prettiest eyes. Giving the best interview was Easton Lenz, son of Jeremy and Desiree Lenz. Gentry Huth, son of Chris and Jessica Huth, was crowned prince of the Sesquicentennial. Averi Zimmerman, daughter of David Zimmerman and Brittney Morris, was selected as the best artist. Amelia Bishop, daughter of Makaela Bishop, had the prettiest hair. Giving the best interview was Ellee Jaye Browning, daughter of Timi Burnett. Crowned princess of the Sesquicentennial was Evelyn Bishop, daughter of James and Ashley Bishop.

The fiddle contest began on Saturday morning.

“Dangerous heat can't stop the magic that is a fiddling contest to celebrate our heritage,” said Belinda Thompson, a Bunceton High School social studies teacher.

Events continued with a street dance, car show, exhibits, and lots of good fun with neighbors.

“When it comes to old-fashioned fun, Bunceton rocks!" Thompson said.

Music filled the air on Saturday evening. Hundred Proof Band entertained the crowd followed by a small fireworks display. Then Tanner Lee's Band took their turn in performing.

Sunday afternoon, the Miss Sesquicentennial Queen and the Little Miss Sesquicentennial contests were conducted. At the end of the contests, the winners were announced.

In the Little Miss contest, Daisie Huth, daughter of Chris and Jessica Huth, had the best interview. Addison Ray, daughter of Aaron and Tammy Ray, had the best talent. Miss Congeniality was given to Riley Arnold, daughter of Brian and Brenda Arnold. Selected as Little Miss Sesquicentennial was Adalaide Lenz, daughter of Jeremy and Desiree Lenz. Winning the talent part of the Miss Sesquicentennial queen contest was Kylie Heilman, daughter of Amy Bishop and Klint Custer and Heilman. Best interview went to Jenna Kahle, daughter of Brent and Anna Kahle. Winning the evening gown part of the competition was Lauren Wieland, daughter of Mark and Janelle Wieland. Voted on by the four queen contestants was the title of Miss Congeniality. Kylie Heilman was selected. Julia Kahle, daughter of Brent and Anna Kahle, will be Bunceton's Miss Sesquicentennial for the next 25 years until its 175th birthday is celebrated.

A carry-in dinner was enjoyed by the community and was followed by a vesper service. Opening with inspiring Christian music sung and played by Ryan and Margie Brimer, Bayle Brymer, Daniel Yunt, Rebecca Shay, Kennedy Waller, Amanda Chaney, and Gene Smith. Pastor Scott Ehrlich gave a special sermon to enrich all in attendance. Weston Widner, son of Widner and Michelle Widner, played a piano solo of "The Star-Spangled Banner." Kelly Snow Hooper, Laine Henkel, Christy Proctor, and Myles Proctor provided more music singing patriotic songs to raise pride in our country.