The Boonville R-1 School District Board of Education voted to adopt a new district-wide dyslexia screening plan during its June 20 meeting. Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, teachers will conduct screenings for all students in kindergarten through third grade as well as any older students who exhibit consistent difficulty in phonics, fluency or comprehension.

“A positive screen is not a medical diagnosis, but it can help us connect students to resources to help them,” said the district’s curriculum director, Cynthia Dwyer.

First through third graders will be screened within the first 30 days of the year, and also at the middle and end of the year. All kindergarteners in the district will be screened by Jan. 31, 2019 and again at the end of the school year. District staff will undergo two hours of dyslexia training before the school year begins. This new policy was enacted to allow the district to remain in compliance with state law, which mandated two hours of dyslexia training for all teachers.

“We’re following the guidelines, while also making sure that our plan really works for Boonville,” said Sarah Marriott, who will take over as superintendent in the 2018-9 school year.

During the June 20 meeting, the board also voted to approve bids for dairy and bakery products for the upcoming school year. Contracts will go out to Central Dairy and Bimbo Bakery. These recommendations came from Glenda Curnutte, food service manager for the district. The district will pay an estimated $14,714 for bread products and about $57,067.26 for dairy.

Additionally, the board authorized a $90,773.20 purchase of 340 new laptops for use in classrooms. Rather than adopting a more expensive “one to one” model in which each student is assigned their own computer, the district chose to buy carts of laptops for classroom use. Classrooms are currently sharing carts. By the 2019-2020 school year, all classrooms will have designated laptop carts.

Discussion of the 2018-2019 school year budget and finalization of the 2017-2018 budget were pushed back again after being rescheduled last month. The board will hold a special meeting at 6 a.m. Thursday, June 28 to handle these items.