After seeing the consequences of domestic violence in her own life and in lives of those she loved, Kimberly Rose decided to take action. Rose, who used to sell cars, quit her job to pursue opening a shelter in Boonville.

“I made the choice that I’d rather help people than make money,” Rose said. “If we don’t do this now, no one will and the problem won’t get better.”

Rose titled her charity “Bloom With Love.” To raise money for her future shelter, she’s been curating curb sales with donated items. She’s raised more than $3,000 so far. On July 1, the Bloom With Love Boutique will open on 601 E. Main Street. This boutique will serve two purposes. First, sales of donated items will continue to raise money for the future shelter. Additionally, people fleeing abusive relationships can receive free clothing and household items from the boutique. Rose estimates that she’s already helped more than 20 people by distributing donations by word of mouth.

“One of the biggest issues with this is that people are afraid to come forward because if they leave the abusive relationship, a lot of times they leave with just the clothes on their backs,” Rose said.

This is a deeply personal topic for Rose. She lost her cousin Christina, who she lived with growing up, in 2009 when she was murdered by her boyfriend. Rose personally left an abusive relationship. In 2016, her sister Jaclyn went to jail after being charged with murdering the man who allegedly abused her. Rose said that in the months before this incident, Jaclyn tried several times to get into shelters in Columbia and Jefferson City, but was turned away due to a lack of bed space.

“There’s a humongous need,” Rose said.

She started drafting plans for financing and building the shelter weeks after her sister’s trial.

“I was flying blind,” she said. “I didn’t have the information I needed, but I had to do something.”

This year, she started doing more research to make the project successful. She met with other people working in the field. On April 30, she received official nonprofit designation from the state of Missouri.

“She’s a very passionate person with so much energy,” said Jane Williams, cofounder of Columbia’s Love, INC.

To donate money or items to the cause, email