Boonville’s fire department put their brand new fire truck to use last weekend during four different house fires in Boonville.

The first fire occurred in a home’s bathroom, and firefighters were able to contain it. The second fire resulted in the total loss of a home. A third call was answered when the back deck and siding of a Boonville home caught on fire. Finally, firefighters were able to prevent serious damage from occurring when lightning struck a home in town.

“This new truck was absolutely helpful,” said Tim Carmichael, Boonville Fire Chief. “We responded to a lightning fire this weekend, and we needed that extra height from the ladder. We wouldn’t have been able to reach it with our old truck.”

The new engine, which arrived the week of May 7 and cost $825,000, features a 101-foot aerial platform and a larger water tank than the department’s previous truck.

“This was a particularly busy weekend, and I’m glad we had this new truck,” Carmichael said.

Before purchasing this truck, the Boonville Fire Department had been using the same engine since 1985. The old truck, which only had a 55-foot ladder, was sold this month.

Firefighters waited until moving to their new station, which was constructed in 2010, before considering an upgrade for their fire engine. The new station, which cost $1.6 million, was 50,000 square feet larger than the previous station and could safely store the larger vehicle.