On May 5, BHS Art I, II, III, and Portfolio students displayed their cumulative collections of artwork from the past year.
The pieces of art were judged by a former art teacher and awarded ribbons. In addition to numerous blue, red, and white ribbons, one piece of artwork was named “best in show.” This was Isaiah Kaufman’s comic strip titled “Blank Tapes.” Isaiah Kaufman said, "It was cool having people come up to me throughout the day and give me compliments on my art work. Also, just having a place to display it is really cool. Working towards the deadline was stressful, but it turned out alright."
Senior Sara Clinton was thrilled to have her work displayed at the art show. “My favorite piece is my black and white self portrait because it is done in pen and ink which is my favorite media.” Students like Clinton were encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones. “My main focus this year was on portraits which is something I have never been very comfortable with. I was really happy to have been pushed to get better at them, and now I really like doing them,” Clinton added.