The City of Boonville took delivery of their new fire truck about noon on Wednesday. With a 101-foot aerial platform, the new truck is safer and easier for rescue because victims and firefighters won’t have to descend a ladder.
The ladder’s reach is also much higher and provides more safety to the community. Before, many of the taller buildings were out of reach and would have posed a threat to lives and property had there been a major fire.
Boonville’s Fire Chief Tim Carmichael said, “I feel like it’s increased the ability to handle major fires in the downtown and commercial areas.”
On Wednesday and Thursday, a factory representative was on hand training Boonville’s fire department personnel on the new vehicle.
The old 1985 fire truck has already been sold and is expected to be delivered sometime next week.
Chief Carmichael said the public is welcome to stop by the fire station and see their tax dollars at work.