For the past week, LSE students have been granted a unique opportunity to show their gratitude for our nation’s veterans. LSE sixth, seventh, and eighth grade art classes, in addition to sixth grade ELA classes, participated in a project established by Senator Caleb Rowden. The students created pieces of art and uplifting letters for veterans. This artwork and these letters will be distributed to veterans’ homes on Memorial Day as a sign of gratitude for their service and sacrifice.
Sixth grade ELA teacher Abby Arnette and art teacher Courtney Grissum were happy to take on the project. “Not only was this an educational cross-curricular collaboration between the art and ELA departments, but it was a great service project as well. The students enjoyed giving back to the veterans,” Courtney Grissum said.
 “I am proud of the veterans for fighting for our freedom,” sixth grader Hannah Marble said. “I am happy to give them something in return.” This project was truly an excellent way to give back to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.