The community, and especially family and friends, are cordially invited to attend Baccalaureate this Sunday evening, May 6th.  
The class of 2018 is holding their Baccalaureate Ceremony at the LSE Auditorium beginning at 7PM. This year’s class is so fortunate to have support from the community.  The program is well planned and is going to be very uplifting.
A Bow K is generously providing flowers for the event. Logan Comegys with the Saints Peter and Paul Church is graciously providing the food for the reception to follow Baccalaureate.
The ceremony will begin with Mrs. Kristina Hahn playing the traditional procession and recession, Pomp and Circumstance. Hannah Gross will sing “In Christ Alone” accompanied by Brian Lutz. Following the procession, Deacon Dave Miller will give the opening prayer.  This year the following teachers will provide their wise words of wisdom, Mr. Paul Moore, Mr. George Monk, Miss Kacie Richter, and Ms. Stephanie Green. Angelina Hein will provide a student reflection and Emily Imhoff will present scripture. Jordan Shikles will deliver “parting words” and Tiffany Larm will deliver the class Bible verses. Maddie Weber going to provide closing remarks with an invitation for all of the attendees to join the class in the LSE Common’s for the reception.  At the reception parents and grandparents will receive “Letters of Acknowledgement and Gratitude” from the graduating Seniors.
This program is sponsored by The Ministerial Alliance.