Mayor Ned Beach called the Boonville City Council to order on Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. This was the first meeting of the new fiscal year and it lasted just under 30 minutes.
New business consisted of considering two Street Closure and Parking Restriction Requests. One was for the Saints Peter and Paul Home and School Field Day Event. The other was for Boonphoria from April 20 to April 22. Both were approved.
Director of Public Works M. L. Cauthon announced that the Quit Claim Deed for transfer of real estate from Huebert Fiberboard Inc. to the City of Boonville for the new animal shelter has been delayed due to the death of W. R. Meadows’s Chairman of the Board. The transaction is still set to be completed. The Council voted to table the Bill until the Deed was received.
A supplemental agreement with H. W. Lochner for engineering services for runway reconstruction at the airport was authorized by the unanimous vote of the council.
Mayor Beach recommended Sam Giroux and Lindi Overton for Re-Appointment to the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and Municipal Facilities Authority (MFA). The Council agreed unanimously.
Mayor Beach asked for the Council’s opinion on the length of terms for committee appointments. They are currently for one year, but he was considering a change to two years. Henry Hurt said he had no problem with it either way. Morris Carter said he thought two years was better; it kept you from coming off just about the time you knew what was going on. With no other suggestions, a motion was made to change the appointments to two years. The motion passed.
He also brought up the need for volunteers to serve on the 14 committees that are currently in place to help run Boonville. He mentioned going on the radio and asking interested parties to call or come by City Hall. He’s already had two calls.
Then Mayor Beach requested that all media put out his request for volunteers. “Anyone who is interested/willing to serve on a committee should contact City Hall.”
City Clerk Teresa Studley reminded everyone that April had five Mondays and the next City Council meeting would be in three weeks, on May 7 at 7:00 p.m.
The meeting adjourned.