It might have been Friday the 13th, but that didn’t stop the Long Horns from taking First Place at the Pilot Grove Trivia Night which was sponsored by the Pilot Grove Middle School Academic Team.
Nine teams of 10 completed against each other with such questions as “What is the first commercial product that had a barcode?”, “The United States Constitution replaced what other document on March 4, 1789?”, and “Who is the only athlete ever to play in a Super Bowl and a World Series?”. The teams had eight minutes to answer each round of questions and turn in their answer sheets. Each question was worth five points for a game total of 400. A tie-breaker was built into Round 1: each team was to guesstimate their total points for the evening and include that number on their answer sheet. In the event of a tie, the team guessing the closet without going over would win.
Teams were also invited to decorate their tables and compete for the title of Best Table Theme. Members of the Middle School Academic team awarded Hot Tamales with that honor along with candy and a Smiley balloon for their table.
No trivia night is complete without a couple of 50-50 pots. After Rounds 3 and 6, those who chose to participate could, for $1, stand up and play or tails for half of the pot. Each person would put their hands on either their heads or their bottoms. And then a coin was tossed until there was only one person standing.
History must be the strong suit for the Long Horns as they got a perfect score in Round 2 and took an early lead.
The Long Horns took First Place with 330 points and graciously donated their prize money back to the Middle School Academic team.
Flower Power came in second with 305 points.