Maymie Wallace Eaton was honored Thursday, April 12, with a reception at the Midway One Stop Diner for her exceptional service and work ethics over the past 40 years.
Eaton went to work as a waitress for Bob and Donna Bechtold the first day they opened in 1978.
“I tell people I came with the building,” she laughed when recalling about those first days. “Actually, I’ve been here 44 years. I started four years earlier with the previous owner when this was the Coach Light Inn.”
The original building burned to the ground in 1984, but the Bechtold’s rebuilt.
“They operated out of a double-wide trailer from June to December that year and moved into the new building the first part of December,” Eaton said.
When asked about her 40 years as a waitress she explained, “I love my job. There’s never been a day I haven’t wanted to come in to work. I enjoy waiting on people.”
Reporter: “How about your feet?”
Eaton: “I haven’t had any problems. I’ve been very blessed with my health. I’ve probably not missed more than 10 days in the last 44 years.”
Joe and Donna Bechtold purchased the business 40 years ago and Eaton has been there since day one. “When we bought this place,” Donna Bechtold said, “my husband and I knew nothing about the restaurant business. Or running a gas station/truck stop. I’ve never waited tables, but as I watched Maymie, I learned something. Never walk across the floor without something in your hand. When she checked to see if guests needed more coffee, she had the pot in her hand. Even in a small space, you could walk yourself to death just going back and forth.”
This isn’t the only business the Bechtold’s ran during the last 40 years and they weren’t always on site. But they never worried about that with Maymie.
“You could set your watch by Maymie. She was always on time. She’s very good and enjoys her work.”
Joe Bechtold, Bob and Donna’s son, owns the restaurant now and Maymie is still there with a smile on her face, waiting tables and making each customer feel special and glad they come in.