Edward “Ned” Beach, Boonville’s newly elected mayor, comes to office with 30 years of experience serving the community and the people who call Boonville home.
In 1988, Beach was appointed to the Public Works Board and to the Industrial Development Authority Board (IDA). The first 12 years were okay until someone suggested that one person shouldn’t serve on two boards at the same time. Beach stepped down from Public Works but continued to serve on the IDA Board for another twelve years.
Six years ago, Beach was elected to the City Council from Ward 3 and has served continuously since that time. This year, rather than run for re-election, he ran for mayor.
Reporter: Why did you run for mayor?
Beach: Because I’m interested in Boonville’s success.
Reporter: What are some of your goals?
Beach: First, to continue with what we’ve already started. We’ve come a lot way over the past few years, and there’s more to be done.
Beach elaborated on Boonville’s infrastructure and what he calls “protecting us from evils.” Like maintaining good police and fire departments. He said we need to continue our growth of city employees.
One thing he personally has an eye on is derelict and dangerous buildings/properties (DDBs). He’s happy to say Boonville has good code enforcement in this area.
Beach: We need to remember, too, that tourism is a big part of our town. People come for events, ball games, and to go to the boat, but they also want to eat and shop. Tourism is moving forward, and we have walking tours, but we need more attractions. We need to continue what we’re doing and add to it. Downtown is not working to its potential and we need to talk.
Reporter: Who needs to talk?
Beach: Everyone. The Chamber of Commerce, individual merchants…and participation is another problem.
Report: Such as?
Beach: We have over a dozen committees in Boonville, but there are too many vacancies. We need more volunteers to fill these positions. We need to get the word out and volunteers need to come forward. By not doing so, we are shortchanging our future.
Reporter: What’s the best part of your prior service to Boonville?
Beach: There’s two. I was on the IDA committee to pick which boat came to Boonville. That was exciting. It was a lot of work, but it was really educational and exciting. The other thing was Lake Farrell. That’s the sub-division on Logan’s Lake Road. It started out all owner-occupied and it still is today.
Reporter: What’s the worst part of your prior service?
Beach: I usually just throw those away.
Reporter: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Beach:  The most difficult job we face right now is growing our population and our housing. We’re pretty good with the housing we already have, but we need more.