Once again registered voters in Cooper County will have the opportunity to let their voices be heard in the upcoming Municipal Election on April 3.
Edward “Ned” Beach will be running unopposed for the office of Mayor for the City of Boonville for a four-year term. Running unopposed for re-election to the City Council are: Steve Young, Ward 1; Susan Meadows, Ward 2; and Henry P. Hurt, Ward 4. Brent Bozarth, who is also running unopposed, will be replacing Beach in Ward 3. Members of the city council are elected for two-year terms.
The voters of the City of Bunceton will be voting on Mayor, City Collector, City Councilman for West Ward, and City Councilman for East Ward. All candidates are running unopposed. They are Justin Hein, Mayor; Dawn Kuster, City Collector; Wendell Cunningham for West Ward Councilman; and John Breshears for East Ward Councilman. All four offices are for two-year terms.
Voters in the City of Prairie Home will be electing a City Councilman for the West Ward and one for the East Ward. Cindy Lenger is running unopposed in the west ward, but voters will have a choice for the East Ward. The two candidates hoping to sit on Prairie Home’s city council are Joyce Gibson and David Gann.
School districts: Proposition 1: To choose by ballot two (2) directors who shall serve as members of the Board of Education of said school district for a term of three (3) years.
Candidates for Blackwater R-II School District are Stephanie Schuster-Day, Amanda Green Blank, and Erica Sims.
Candidate(s) for Bunceton R-IV School District is Ashley Benny.
Candidates for Otterville R-VI School District are David Morrison, Brian J. Aggeler, John Meyer, Ben Kroeger, and Wilma Watring.
Candidates for Prairie Home R-V School District are Rachel Lock, Peggy Ann Eichen, and Amanda Cantrell.
Voters in The Village of Windsor Place will be electing two (2) members for the Board of Trustees for a two-year term. Running are Randon Leathers and Steven Gilson.
Voters in the Village of Windsor Place will also be voting on the following question: “Shall the Village of Windsor Place, Missouri, impose a local use tax at the same rate as the local sales tax, currently at a rate of One Percent (1%) provided that, if any local sales tax is repealed, reduced or raised by voter approval, the respective local use tax shall also be repealed, reduced or raised by the same action? A person shall not be required to file a use tax return with the Director of Revenue if such purchases on which such taxes were not paid do not exceed in the aggregate two thousand dollars in any calendar year.”
The Village of Wooldridge is also seeking two members for its Board of Trustees for two-year terms. Only one candidate is running: Kurt Heiss.
Otterville and a few voters in Bunceton will be voting to put two people on State Fair Community College’s Board of Trustees. Those candidates are Patty Wood, Jim Page, Diana Sadler Martin, and Cynthia Ann Gray.
Voters in Pilot Grove will be voting for two people to sit on the Board of Directors for the Cooper County Fire Protection District. Two of the following candidates will serve for six years: Russell A. Gerling, Howard L. Draffen, and Gerald E. Ulrich.
Only one candidate, Edward Fahrendorf, Jr., is running for Blackwater Area Fire Protection District’s Board of Trustees.
Voters should be aware that when less than enough candidates run for office, write-ins are usually accepted. Should there be no write-ins, the board in question can appoint someone or leave the seat open.