It is incredibly rare for a high school student to earn a perfect 36 on his or her ACT.
According to the “Huffington Post,” only 2,760 out of 1,666,017 test takers earned a perfect score in 2017. Boonville High School houses two members of this elite group: junior Tyler Schuster and senior Kyle Chrisman.  
Schuster joined these exclusive ranks when he received a perfect score on his ACT test. “I think it’s incredible that Boonville has two of only 2,760 students in the nation with a 36, and it is a great reflection of the school and community,” Schuster said.
As for after high school, Schuster has a good sense of the direction he plans to take. “I plan on getting a degree in engineering, but I’m not sure from where yet.” When asked if his plans had changed after receiving this score, Schuster added, “My plan hasn’t changed, but my college search has certainly broadened, as I feel I have more options. I haven’t chosen a specific career yet, but I’m not too worried about it just yet.”
When asked if he had any advice for peers planning to take the ACT, Schuster said, “I would get an ACT Prep book and treat it like a map. It’s great that you have it, but it doesn’t tell you what to do unless you open it up. I studied out of the ‘Kaplan ACT Premier Book’ to get familiar with the test. I think the only tip I can say is to get a book and study it. The book will take care of the rest.”