The Saturday night presentation of Arlene’s Beauty World by Michael Soetaert was a huge success with over 250 tickets being sold.
Performed by the Pilot Grove Community Players, this comedy-mystery was set in a throwback to a sixties beauty salon with most of its customers from the old folks’ home next door. The girls included Gerty Poindexter played by Betty L. Vollmer, Abigail played by Betty J. Vollmer, Beulah Tarkington played by Cherie Singer, Helga Von Schtompken played by Randy Glenn, a younger version of Helga played by Natalie Glenn, and Nevy played by Pat Rentel.
The cops, Detective Dirk Cannon and Detective O’Malley, were played by Brian Fisher and Shannon Twenter respectively.
Carol Twenter played Janis the owner of Arlene’s Beauty World and the role of Chester, her clueless fiancé, was played by Terry Lorenz.
Patrick Fitzgerald played the part of the flamboyant Maurice who was Arlene’s competitor.
Director, Luke Haller; spotlight, Grant Dodson; prompter, Karma Haller; and makeup, Carla Gerling.
Detectives Cannon and O’Malley are looking for the Fruitcake Bomber and all leads take them to Arlene’s Beauty World. Diligence and good police work finally pays off and they get their man/woman, Janis gets un-engaged after 37 years and can start dating whoever she pleases, and Detective Cannon figures out working with a dame isn’t all that bad.
The meal was catered by the Pilot Grove Swimming Pool Board and served by the PGHS Drama Students and Clear Creek 4-H Members.
The evening’s proceeds will be donated to the Pilot Grove Swimming Pool Board.