In observation of Missouri Read-In Day on March 9, Laura Speed Elliott Middle School celebrated Reading Week. The week, which ran March 5- 9, offered students unique opportunities to incorporate reading into all subject areas.
“As a staff, we have been trying to come up with ways to encourage our students to read.  When I discovered that March 9 was the official Missouri Read-In day, I thought it was a great opportunity to start getting our students excited about reading as a building. A few teachers and I got together to come up with some fun activities that would lead the kids and our fellow staff members to become more enthusiastic about reading,” shared ELA teacher Kelsey Roy.
On Monday, students decorated their classroom doors inspired by their favorite books. The students were also shown a “Who Read It?” wall. For the wall, teachers took photos with their favorite books covering their faces, and students attempted to guess which teachers chose which books. “I'm excited for the Who Read It wall because it gives me a chance to learn more about the teachers and what they like to read," seventh grade student Jackson Johns said.
In addition to the wall, students filled out Reading Madness brackets to determine their favorite books.
The week concluded on Friday with Missouri Read-In Day. All teachers were encouraged to incorporate reading into their classes. Each student was also allowed to wear his or her favorite pair of pajamas to school to celebrate the day. The day ended with an assembly where the door decoration contest winners, Reading Madness winner, and “Who Read It?” walls answers were announced.
When asked why she feels it is important for middle school students to read, Kelsey Roy responded, “The obvious answer is, of course, that we need to prepare our students for the future, but students also need to develop good reading skills and habits for other aspects of their everyday lives. With the prominence of social media and the Internet, it is important that they know how to approach and digest all of the things that they're reading every single day, and encouraging them to read is one way we can ensure that they are looking critically at all of the information they have available to them.”
The week was truly a treat for all students and staff involved and LSE!