A new Dollar General is set to open its doors on February 10th in Pilot Grove. The new store will be located at 511 College St. in Pilot Grove, and offer groceries and assorted home necessities.
This new store comes almost a year after neighboring Prairie Home received a Dollar General in April 2017.
Initially, the store will be staffed by temporary workers sent by Dollar General’s corporate office.
Once the store is open and running smoothly, Pilot Grove’s Dollar General will begin to hire new permanent employees for the store. Those interested in working at the new Dollar General can inquire in-person for the store number and then apply online.
Dollar General sells everything from groceries to personal care items, dog food to car supplies.
As it stands, residents of Pilot Grove must drive more than 10 miles to shop for groceries in Boonville at C&R Supermarket, Walmart or Snoddy’s Store. This new store will be the first placeto sell groceries in the town since Tyler’s Market shut down. This will remove the citizens of Pilot Grove from the more than 2 million people the USDA estimates live in rural food deserts more
than 10 miles from a grocery store.
Nationally, Dollar General has been expanding rapidly. More than 1,000 Dollar General stores opened in 2017, and there are more than 14,000 stores nationwide. In 2016, the latest year for which data is available, the chain employed about 121,000 people. Though the name can be misleading, the chain does offer items for more than $1, unlike competitors like Dollar Tree.
Their in-house generic brand “DG” offers discounted versions of many products, however. The Tennessee-based chain has stores in every state except Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Wyoming, and Missouri alone has 436 stores.