Cooper County’s 200th Anniversary kicked off with the 11th Annual Cooper County’s Historical Society’s Trivia Night on Saturday night at the Knights of Columbus building.
Eighteen teams from around the state came to match wits with other trivia buffs as the participants enjoyed food, popcorn, a silent auction, and an evening of fun.
Paul Davis had the pleasure of serving as the event’s MC. A few of his 64 questions included:
1. In 1987, American Airlines saved $40,000 by removing one of what from each salad served in first class?
2. Two teams from the Triple-A International League played the longest game in professional baseball history. How many innings was it?
3. Your grandfather’s sister’s daughter is what relationship to you?
4. This militia captured Fort Ticonderoga under the leadership of Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold on May 10, 1775. (This was under category Our Colorful History and the answer had to contain a color)
A couple of side games were played during the break between rounds four and five. Each team had been asked to fill out a brief questionnaire. When all the answers were compiled, each member of the “oldest”, “youngest”, “tallest”, and “shortest” team received appropriate prizes.
The second game was Sit Down If. All participants donated $1 for the chance to be the last man standing. They were told to “sit down if …” they were wearing white socks, if they were wearing no socks, or other random things about their person. Angie Hedgpeth was the last person standing.
The last four rounds were as hilarious as the first four and when the final answer sheets were turned in, the winning team was The Brain Train with a score of 51.