The Boonville City Council met for the first time to open 2018.

Kelly Coleman, a resident who moved to Boonville two years ago from Sedalia, addressed the council about ways to bring people and money to Boonville.

“I have family in Kansas City and St. Louis,” he said, “and I run I-70 all the time. Do you know there are only two billboards between Kansas City and St. Louis that mention Boonville? People flock to Columbia,” he claimed, “because they don’t know about Boonville, which has less crime, less traffic, and less expensive housing. You should invest in at least two billboards, both near Columbia, one eastbound and one westbound, so people who are considering a move to Columbia will see that they have a better option by coming to Boonville.”

He went on to explain at length how and why this worked and what a great opportunity Boonville was missing by not showcasing out community in this manner.

Bill No. 2017-038 amending salaries of the mayor and city council was read for the second time and passed unanimously. Beginning April 15, 2018, the Mayor will receive an annual salary of $6,000. Members of the council will receive an annual salary of $1,800, beginning April 14, 2019.

New business consisted of a discussion regarding the possibility of a new fire truck. Boonville Fire Chief Tim Carmichael presented information on several options he had recently checked on.

1. A used 2002 E-One Cyclone II was priced at $390,000 less trade in of $10,500 for the 1985 ladder truck and 1975 pumper.

2.  A 2015 Rosenbaur in new condition was priced at $799,000.

Chief Carmichael said his research found that new units run a $1,000,000 plus while demos were a bit less expensive at $950,000.

One councilman asked how soon we would “need” a new truck.

Carmichael said that was a question that could never be answered, but the sooner the better.

Another councilman mentioned the height of several buildings in Boonville and said he would never want any person on the top floor during a fire and agreed with Carmichael that the sooner the better.

It was agreed that Boonville City Administrator Irl Tessendorf and Fire Chief Carmichael are to work on a plan to finance a newer vehicle.

City Administrator Tessendorf updated the council on the animal shelter. Other animal shelters had been looked at, especially the new one in Fulton. Under the guidance and watchful eyes of Steve Hage and M. L. Cauthon, a floor plan has been laid out and Septagon has produced a formal drawing. Several locations are under consideration should one of them prove unsuitable. When asked about the total costs, Hage said they needed bids on the jobs that city employees would be unable to do before they could estimate a more exact figure, but their target cost was $250,000.

The City Clerk reported that as of 5 p.m. that day, only three candidates had filed for office in the upcoming city election in April.  Edward “Ned” Beach is running for Mayor. Steve Young and Susan Meadows are seeking re-election for Wards I and II, respectively.

Due to Martin Luther King Day, the next city council meeting will be on Tuesday, January 16.