There has already been some curiosity about what homes are on the City’s Holiday Home’s tour this year on Saturday December 2 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Finding homes to participate this year, has almost accidentally turned into a tour of Main Street, other than Edward Lang’s Walter Williams home that has been a part of the tour for the past several years.  

Edward’s home has grown to be known as “The Christmas House” and had been a painstaking labor of love that he truly enjoys sharing with the public and putting a smile of everyone’s face that walks through his doors.  He works all year long on the home and the decorations.  The over 120 Christmas Trees have just become a permanent part of the furniture.

The other homes this year will be a fun assortment sprinkled up Main Street starting with the newly renovated Andrews-Wing House owned by Norm Richert across from LSE. Originally built in 1855, Norm has done a beautiful job of blending old with the new and converted this quaint historic home into his office space and state of the art Event Center for groups of 20-72.  He has also finished the backyard to extend the event space and has already hosted several unique gatherings in the space and has created a really unique venue for the community.   

Heading up the hill past the Fire Station, we have Chad and Gin O’Keefe’s home.  Gin is the owner of the Boonville Clay Company, and her artistic fun, funky vintage style is reflected in their home.  You will be able to experience a truly hometown Christmas feel through this 1950’s era home filled with eclectic artwork and vintage inspired décor.  

Further up the hill are the “Twin Houses”, owned by Chad and Jessica Murray.  One facing Main with the other a mirror image facing Sixth Street back to back and for the first time in history both homes owned by the same owner.  The homes have a fun history that many people in town are familiar with.  Dr. William Trigg, who was one of Boonville’s early prominent figureheads, built both homes for his two daughters, Josephine and Juliet, as wedding gifts circa 1857-1860.  As the Murrays have been renovating the home on Main Street, they uncovered a hidden tunnel that originally connected the two homes.  The Josephine home also features the baby grand piano that was original to the home.  You will be able to see how beautifully decorated the Murrays have their home on Sixth Street, and walk over to see all the renovations they have done on the Juliet home on Main Street as well.  

Finally, up at the top of Main Street hill is the home of Whitney and Risa Venable.  Originally built in 1910 by Earnest Schlozhauer, the Venable’s have worked tirelessly since they bought the home to turn it into the home they have always wanted and are excited to share their hard work and holiday decorating with the public.  

Tourism will be running the ticket sales again this year out of the Visitor Center and Museum located a 100 E. Spring Street.  Tickets will be $20 for adults and $10 for kids and you will get a wristband and a program to guide you to all the homes.  This Holiday Homes tour has grown as a Christmas Tradition in Boonville and draws many people from all over the area.  If you have never been, grab some friends and family and come check it out.  For more information on the other events going on December 2  for the Christmas in Historic Boonville Festival, check out for the full list.