A new committee was formed to take a look at aspects of an ordinance that faced the Boonville City Council on Monday evening.

While part of the Bill No. 2017-029 Amending Chapter 10 Licenses and Taxation was passed, parts dealing with temporary vendors, were taken out and given to a committee for a future vote once the committee has had a chance to look at all avenues of the proposal.

This comes after questions were brought up by the Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce who were concerned on its effects to local festivals since it would require vendors to have some sort of license.

City representatives said they want to protect businesses who are paying taxes and who already have a city license. They feel it is unfair advantage for some to pay taxes while others do not (which is why this came up in the first place).

Mayor Pro-tem Morris Carter appointed several individuals to serve on this committee, which also included Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce members. This measure was unanimously approved.

The Boonville Daily News has printed language from this bill in earlier stories.